We guarantee our clients the highest quality service. Global partners have been working over ten years for some of the most prestigious national and international law firms. Our character and reputation as a consolidated and resolute firm have enable us to recruit lawyers from among the best professionals and firms to join the Global team.

Quienes han trabajado durante más de diez años en firmas de reconocido prestigio nacional e internacional y se han integrado en un despacho firme y consolidado que supone un gran proyecto para ellos. Global es un despacho de asesoramiento integral en el ámbito del derecho basado en la excelencia en el trabajo, así como la proximidad y accesibilidad que nuestros clientes tienen con los abogados involucrados en sus asuntos.

Estratégicamente, Global apuesta por la apertura de oficinas allí donde nuestros clientes nos requieren o creemos que podemos prestar un mejor servicio. En este sentido, el despacho tiene una consolidada red de firmas internacionales (Best friends) con las que colabora con frecuencia para la prestación de servicios a sus respectivos clientes.



Our principal value is to offer consistently high standards of client service based on the excellence, honesty and dedication to our job, as well as the proximity to our clients.

Our aim is to provide our clients an integral legal advisory service based on:


For Global professionals every commission is a new challenge to go beyond the client’s expectative. For us, excellence means: (I) offering our clients the highest quality service based on the vast experience of all Global professionals who exhaustively supervise every task and proceeding; (II) our clients’ satisfaction. We have a professional and personal compromise with our clients, being the proximity and accessibility to our lawyers one of our fundamental values.

We consider that one of the most important aspects of our job is to listen to our client in order to understand his business and necessities. We propose our clients alternative strategies, provide them the necessary technical support and solutions in the legal framework for making the rights decisions.

In this sense, our Firm has a quality management system formed by a group of experienced professionals who are in charge of fulfilling quality standards and principles.

Professional Ethics

Our firm’s guidelines and standards for professional conduct are based on the code of ethics and professional responsibility as well as on personal and professional excellences, which are the pillars of our job and relationship with our clients.

Integral advice, the best solution for our clients

Our professionals provide an integral and perfectly coordinated legal advice related to personal and corporative issues.
In addition, our independence allows us to work together with other law firms, auditors, accountants, financial institutions and professionals from diverse areas.




Álvaro was born in Barcelona in 1971. In 1994 Álvaro obtained a degree in Law from Universidad de Barcelona. In 1995 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Law from Universidad de Navarra as well as a Master’s Degree program in Auditing.

At present Álvaro is finishing a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management.

His professional career began working for Arthur Andersen Asesores Legales y Tributarios at the Commercial Department and later for Garrigues (the present name of Arthur Andersen Asesores Legales y Tributarios) at the Procedural Law Department where he has specialized in the practice of Procedural Law, both Civil and Criminal Proceedings.

In 1999 he joined Balaguer, Morera & Asociados Law Firm (BM&A) as Co-Director of the Procedural Law Department working simultaneously in the areas of Criminal and Private Law. Because of his Economics and Law studies, Álvaro is a specialist in the direction of bankruptcy proceedings.

Álvaro is partner of Global Abogados and Director of the Bankruptcy Department.

He has written several articles in specialized magazines. He speaks Spanish, English and Catalan.



Born in Barcelona in 1972. In 1995 he obtained a Degree in Law from Universidad of Barcelona and is an active member of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Financial Management from EADA.

He attended the Program for Management Development at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE), Universidad de Navarra.

Antonio is member of the Fiscal Commission at the Barcelona Chambers of Commerce, Navigation and Industry and collaborates with many educative institutions.

His professional career began in 1995 working for Arthur Andersen as Account Auditor. From 1998 up to 2006 worked for Garrigues at the Tax Department. Since 2006 he has been responsible for the Tax, Sports and Entertainment areas of Global Abogados.

Antonio specializes in patrimonial issues, national and international taxation related to family companies as well as in the tax consultancy of actors and sportsmen. 

Antonio speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.


Born in Valencia in 1974, in 1999 José María obtained a Degree in Law from Universidad de Barcelona.

In 1998 joined Balaguer, Morera & Asociados (BM&A) law firm, working simultaneously in the areas of Criminal and Private Law at the Procedural Law Department. José María specializes in intellectual property, industrial property, honour, privacy and image rights, real estate and antitrust and unfair competition.

In 2001 was appointed associate of BM&A. He attended different lectures and seminars on Catalan civil law, bankruptcy law, criminal law and industrial property.

Since 2005 José María is partner of Global Abogados and Director of the Procedural Law Department. At present he combines his professional career with doctorate studies at Universidad Pompeu Fabra.

José María speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.




In 1997 joined Garrigues Abogados at Barcelona offices.

In 2004 was appointed manager of the Commercial Law Department at Alicante offices. Since 2007 is partner of Global Abogados Alicante and specializes in the areas of civil and commercial law. 

Member of AEDA (Spanish Association of Aviation Law).

Javier speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.



Bankruptcy Law

The Bankruptcy Department is a multidisciplinary department coordinating different practices which take part in bankruptcy procedures: strategy consultancy, legal practice (such us labour and employment, taxation, etc.), communication, contingency plans, companies and business valuation, etc. This Department provides consultancy services in all subjects related to Bankruptcy Law, whether for individuals or legal entities. Its main activities:

  • Administrations of bankruptcy.

  • Creditor’s representation in bankruptcy procedures

  • Debtor’s representation in bankruptcy procedures

  • Pre-bankruptcy audits.

  • Consultancy on bankruptcy issues

Tax Law

Taxation Department has a wide-ranging experience on tributary issues which allow us to have an extended knowledge about our clients’ situation, whether companies or individuals. It is our wide-ranging experience that places us in an excellent and unbeatable position when advising, planning and anticipating possible contingencies which could derive from our client’s business or at clients’ personal level. The main activities of the Taxation Department are:

  • Continued advice to individuals, businesses and companies in the fulfilling of their taxation obligations.

  • Tax implications and analysis of specific transactions; searching the best alternative in order to optimize tax charges. 

  • Planning of partnership structures from taxation perspectives, at national and international levels.

  • Taxation applicable to companies’ restructuring processes, specially mergers and takeovers.

  • Taxation of personal and family assets

  • Taxation of non-profit organizations, such us foundations, organizations, sports and educational associations.

  • Linking between our clients and tax authorites, especially in connection with tax inspections.

Corporate, Financial and Securities Law

  • Merges and acquisitions

  • Private Equity

  • Banking and Financial Law

  • Stock Market

  • Date protection

  • Corporate Law

  • Corporate governance

  • Telecommunications and e-commerce

  • Corporate restructuring


Public Law

  • Preparation of reports and opinions

  • Legal advice on projects to implement general zoning plans

  • Urban Planning

  • Negotiations with Public Authorities

  • Public goods and expropriations, environmental law, water, mines and coasts

  • Public procurement

  • Specialist advice to administrative organizations: public bodies, public capital companies, foundations, administrative associations and consortia.

  • Administrative and Judicial review proceedings


Intellectual Rights

  • Copyright

  • Industrial Property Rights (trademarks, patents and designs)

  • Image / Publicity Rights

  • Advertising and sponsorship


Criminal Law

  • Fraud and disposal of assets

  • Offences against public bodies

  • Punishable bankruptcy proceedings

  • Proceedings for corporate offences

  • Crimes against employee rights, mobbing and illegal trafficking of workforce

  • Crimes relating to planning and environmental protection issues

  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property rights- Computer and internet-related crimes


Procedural Law

  • Claims for liability

  • Proceedings in matters arising from non-contractual and contractual liability

  • Product liability

  • Professional liability

  • Conflicts between shareholders

  • Challenging of company resolutions

  • Civil liability proceedings

  • Unfair competition proceedings

  • Conflicts arising from agency, distribution, concession and franchise agreements.

  • Lease of urban and rural property 

  • Condominium

  • Claims for payment

  • Proceedings concerning the validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial agreements

  • Proceedings concerning the termination and rescission of national and international agreements

  • Breaches of right to honor, privacy and personal image

  • Allotment of inheritances

  • Family Law, legal separation and divorce.

  • Disabilities.

  • Personal and in rem guarantees

  • Provisional and firm enforcement of court resolutions

  • Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes

  • Small debts proceedings. Applications for interim measures

  • Foreign judgments and arbitral awards


Administrative Law

Public Procurement

  • Preparation of a variety of reports and opinions.
  • Excluded sectors.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Due Diligences
  • Preparation of Administrative Terms of Tender.
  • Participation in Contract Award Panels.
  • Qualification proceedings.
  • Speeches, courses and seminars.
  • Preparation of a variety of reports and opinions.
  • Legal-administrative assistance in condemnation proceedings.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.


  • Preparation of Administrative Terms of Tender.
  • Assistance to public authorities in tender processes.
  • Determination of whether the construction of a certain infrastructure exceeds the public spending limits of the public authority developer (budgetary stability rule ESA-95).
  • Legal advice to authorities on the execution of projects (technical office, enforcement proceedings, etc.).
  • Experience in road, rail, port and airport infrastructure, administrative buildings, hospitals, energy recovery plants, etc.
Liability of the Public Authorities
  • Preparation of a variety of reports and opinions.
  • Damages claims.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.